16 Things I Learned From a Year of Consecration

These past 12 months (April 2016 - April 2017) were honestly the most painful and yet best I have ever had. They were challenging in ways that I didn’t expect and joyful in ways that were surprising. My heart felt like it was constantly in a time of being broken and then built back together only to have it broken and put back together, stronger than before. And not always broken in bad ways, but simply having preconceived ideas and dreams challenged and things stripped away and replaced. And it hurt! But God is good and He makes things new!

When I used to hear people say, “I’m in a time of consecration” I’d just think, that’s kind of odd…. Isn’t that just the way singles are supposed to live? What’s the point?

Ha ha ha…..

This year:

I’ve discovered is that it is very hard to be mentally “not available” when I technically am available (single). Before, there was pretty much always the thought in the back of my head of, “What if he shows up soon?!”. It took time and energy thinking about t…

Spring Blessings

It seems like blessings keep falling in my lap….

So. Many. Blessings.

God really enjoys giving the desires of your heart when you seek Him. The things you’d like to have, but you don’t think you’ll get. And a lot of the things aren’t needs, they just make life a little sweeter.

I was feeling kinda down. Just kinda tired with some things going through my head. Jesus, I would like some encouragement! Nothing happened. I went through a couple weeks just feeling funky. Nothing was wrong, just something felt “off”. What is going on?! This isn’t normal… My friends were praying... then it slowly went away. I still don’t know what caused it; it was weird.

Life continued.

And then over the last week or so it’s been as if God decided to answer all the quiet desires in my heart at once!

I was praying for a desk for my side of the room. BOOM! One of the families on base was giving away a desk that even had multiple tiers for storage space. And it fit perfectly between my bed and wall.
My Spotify Pr…

Marriage Expectations

“We’re not perfect, but we’re perfectly imperfect for each other”, she replied, smiling as her eyes divulged the many emotions she was feeling. Today I was thinking about couples that I know. Some are together, some just had painful break-ups, some are in the process, and some just smile at each other from across the room. The friend that I was talking to that said the above quote is in one of the more pleasant categories and I’m excited for them! Not just in a, “Oh! Its another cute couple!” but in a “I know they’ve prayed a lot about this, they know each other, they’ve been friends, and they don’t have unrealistic expectations” way. I’ve seen so many couples going into relationships with unrealistic expectations, only to have their heart broken because the other person didn’t fulfill them in the ways they wanted, or they discovered that they were a sinner, or maybe they just plunged in too hard too fast without really knowing the other person and the direction they were going. Recently…

A Monkey Eulogy

My dog was put down on Thursday.
For those of you that didn’t know Fanci, she was my white schnauzer that I’ve had for 10 years. She was my shadow - she’d do homework with me, sleep in my bed, everything. I could hold her upside down and she’d be completely content because she trusted me and knew I would never hurt her. If I left for somewhere overnight, as soon as I returned home she would be ecstatic! She hated when I left. And then I started doing missions and I could never explain to her that I’d be gone for months at a time. So every time someone would get home, Fanci was there, waiting for me, but I didn’t come back. So she waited, and waited. My mom says she was depressed waiting for me. Fanci had never been depressed, but she was. I broke her heart. And when she should have been in comfort, sitting snuggled in my lap for her later years, she was confused because I wasn’t home.
But all of that is ended now.
When I was briefly home last month in-between ministry, I knew she …

The Purity Ring Syndrome

I remember when I first got my purity ring. It wasn’t something someone told me to do - I wanted to do it.  I remember looking online for the perfect one, and then receiving it for my birthday. Ah, I wore it proudly! As did the other girls in our homeschool circles. The silver band sat glistening on my right hand, because the left hand meant you were married, and you couldn’t have people [aka guys] thinking that! Though I knew a couple girls who wore theirs on their left hands (aka the radical ones).   The ring symbolized a vow to the Lord to keep oneself for one’s spouse. It was something that you’d keep, and then give to your spouse. It was a symbol of purity; a gift.
Years went on.... I still wore my ring (though I had since exchanged it with a delicate silver band that my brother made).
When I went out of the country to India and St. Vincent I moved move my ring to my left hand so that guys would think I was taken. And during the 4 months I was in St. Vincent, God was working on my h…