Marriage Expectations

“We’re not perfect, but we’re perfectly imperfect for each other”, she replied, smiling as her eyes divulged the many emotions she was feeling.Today I was thinking about couples that I know. Some are together, some just had painful break-ups, some are in the process, and some just smile at each other from across the room. The friend that I was talking to that said the above quote is in one of the more pleasant categories and I’m excited for them! Not just in a, “Oh! Its another cute couple!” but in a “I know they’ve prayed a lot about this, they know each other, they’ve been friends, and they don’t have unrealistic expectations” way.I’ve seen so many couples going into relationships with unrealistic expectations, only to have their heart broken because the other person didn’t fulfill them in the ways they wanted, or they discovered that they were a sinner, or maybe they just plunged in too hard too fast without really knowing the other person and the direction they were going.Recently…

A Monkey Eulogy

My dog was put down on Thursday.
For those of you that didn’t know Fanci, she was my white schnauzer that I’ve had for 10 years. She was my shadow - she’d do homework with me, sleep in my bed, everything. I could hold her upside down and she’d be completely content because she trusted me and knew I would never hurt her. If I left for somewhere overnight, as soon as I returned home she would be ecstatic! She hated when I left. And then I started doing missions and I could never explain to her that I’d be gone for months at a time. So every time someone would get home, Fanci was there, waiting for me, but I didn’t come back. So she waited, and waited. My mom says she was depressed waiting for me. Fanci had never been depressed, but she was. I broke her heart. And when she should have been in comfort, sitting snuggled in my lap for her later years, she was confused because I wasn’t home.
But all of that is ended now.
When I was briefly home last month in-between ministry, I knew she …

The Purity Ring Syndrome

I remember when I first got my purity ring. It wasn’t something someone told me to do - I wanted to do it.  I remember looking online for the perfect one, and then receiving it for my birthday. Ah, I wore it proudly! As did the other girls in our homeschool circles. The silver band sat glistening on my right hand, because the left hand meant you were married, and you couldn’t have people [aka guys] thinking that! Though I knew a couple girls who wore theirs on their left hands (aka the radical ones).  The ring symbolized a vow to the Lord to keep oneself for one’s spouse. It was something that you’d keep, and then give to your spouse. It was a symbol of purity; a gift.
Years went on.... I still wore my ring (though I had since exchanged it with a delicate silver band that my brother made).
When I went out of the country to India and St. Vincent I moved move my ring to my left hand so that guys would think I was taken. And during the 4 months I was in St. Vincent, God was working on my h…

A Relationship For All Eternity

So, one of the main things (if not the main thing) that single girls look forward to in life is marriage (I'm not a guy so I can't speak for the single men in our midst). I've wanted to get married since I was 4, and I can't imagine how many hours I've spent talking and thinking about the subject. The subject was recently once again brought to the forefront of my thoughts as I've been thinking about various things. But this morning I was listening to a message by Mike Bickle and it was about having God first in our lives, what that means, etc. After the message I was talking to God about it, asking that He would be my one love that all of the rest of my love came from. And God of course always goes to the heart of the matter because He knows what I've been thinking, and so He said, "All of this will fade away - your marriage will not last for eternity. I will survive for eternity. Your relationship with Me will last for eternity. Don't look for co…

Mission Work Really Isn't All Kicks And Giggles

“Wow, you're going to the Caribbean on a mission trip!? Lucky! Really suffering for the Lord. Haha!”
Missions work really isn't always exciting without the pain. Granted, some outreach locations make outreach “nicer” (I'm glad I haven't been called somewhere cold!), but there really is a pain that comes with missions regardless of where your location is. But it's hard to imagine until you've experienced it yourself.
I've missed so many birthdays (and births), weddings, holidays, family togetherness, and just sitting on the couch talking to a friend. Counting from October 2014 - June 2016 (which is the soonest I'd get home), I would have spent 8 months out of state for various mission training's, 6 months out of the country on outreach, and only 6 months home interspersed between the times of being gone. And if I do go home in June, it would only be for a month or so before leaving again for 9+ months.
Missions work really is I think the most rewarding …

Live Life

If you had asked me when I was 10 what I wanted to be when I was older, I probably would have told you married and/or a veterinarian/horse trainer/professional singer. But instead, I’m here on a beautiful Caribbean island for 4 months, loving on kids and teaching them about Jesus, and getting ready to go into full-time missions.


That was definitely not in my 10 year old’s master plan.
2007 - Halter-breaking Freedom
Yet here I am, and I can’t imagine being anywhere else! But I find it very funny because my 10 year old self would have thrown such a fit if you had told her this was where she would have been in 11 years. No joke. This is so far from what I wanted back then.

It makes me think about my friends in various positions. Engaged. Getting a degree. Serving in the local church. Single. Serving in a nation across the ocean. Married with kids. Teaching adults. Teaching children. Living with their parents. Living on their own.
2008 - Some of our lovely dogs that we've had throu…

Greetings From St. Vincent!

Sara's Salutations Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from St. Vincent! Since arriving on the 11th, we've had fun trying to learn the Vincy culture! St. Vincent is a beautiful nation that is rooted on God and His Word and I've been delighted each day as I learn more about the nation and their people!   But even though St. Vincent is rooted on God and His Word, there is a lot of backsliding that has occurred, especially among the men. We have gone street evangelizing with the YWAM KC Discipleship Training School that is here on outreach, and we run into men all the time who know what God's Word says (and can quote it to you quite well!), but because of sin don't feel like they can go to church or be forgiven. It's heartbreaking to see, knowing that most of the men we pass smoking weed or drinking, know who God is, but for one reason or another have turned from Him.   Part of this campaign initiative is to disciple men, women, and children in their relationship w…